Tommy, who's parents owned and ran the Glen Stewart Nursery from 1977 to 2010, left the family business at eighteen to be trained as a tiler. After a few years in the trade, he found that he was particularly gifted at it!

He set up a company with a friend of his, a fellow tiler named Dean Rossi; 'Rossi & Byrne' was founded in 1997. For over a decade, they dominated the high-end tiling market in the Leicestershire area, and went from strength to strength.

The company, having grown exponentially larger than either Tommy or Dean had ever expected, was merged with another firm, ran by Dean's brother. This coincided with family circumstances which left Tommy and DJ- Tommy's wife- at the helm of the family business back in Market Harborough, and so Tommy sold his share in the company to the other directors, putting the money into the Langton Stone Company Ltd. with a focus on the supply side of the industry.

Since that point, we have been supplying Grade A Stone and Porcelain tiles to the South Leicestershire and Rutland area; seven years on, we're happy to say that we are the exclusive retailer of both Ca' Pietra and Full Circle Ceramics Tile and Stone Products.

Such product ranges are among some of the most sought-after stones and porcelains on the market today! We are constantly updating our ranges and we are incredibly proud of the breadth of variety in the selection of tiles we sell.

Our combination of experience in both the fixing and retailing of stone and porcelain products makes us a valuable partner in any wall or floor tiling project. We're always just a call or click away, and we're always more than happy to help...