Autumn Glory

To Autumn: 'Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness' John Keats

Celebrated in Keats famous ode to the season, is the glory, abundance and wealth of colour to appreciate at this time of the year offers. We may have missed out on summer sun in the UK but October, with its diminishing workload and celebration of harvest, is often sublime and lends a plethora of gardening delights to ease the transfer into the darker days of deep winter. Choose from our very amenable selection of autumn beauties to bring a depth of colour back into your life this autumn…


Sorbus commixta H 4-8m S 3-4m

Slender, columnar growth. Good autumn colour emerging from the pretty, alternately arranged, glossy green leaves of summer. Followed by small white flowers in April-May.

Betula Jacquemontii H 12m + S 4-8m

Delicate mid green leaves during the main season. Light yellow autumn colour but primarily grown for slender brilliant white bark during winter. Underplant with groups of snowdrops in the green during spring.

Cotoneaster Hybridus Pendulus H+S 1.5-2m

Small evergreen tree adorned with spectacular, brilliant red berries from early autumn and over winter.


Viburnum tinus ‘Eve Price’ H + S 1.5m (Pictured above)

Smaller version of the much more vigorous V. tinus, used in small to medium sized gardens for more compact shape. Both versions selected for evergreen structure and white, pink flushed cluster flowers over winter. Variously used in flower arrangements, wreaths and as structure in woodland gardens and larger borders.

Also recommended are Viburnum x burkwoodii for magnificent scent in spring, semi evergreen with autumn colouration.

Viburnum bodnantense

Much loved amongst children as young leaves, when rubbed, smell of smoky bacon crisps. Pink, scented flowers are borne on bare branches in late winter/very early spring. Consider also smaller evergreens such as Abelia, Pittosporum and Nandina, all of which offer autumn interest leading into winter structure.


Aster, Sedum and Anemone, offering a range of colours for vibrancy and late season interest until winter. Leave dead flowerheads on sedum to catch the winter frost.

Bulbs and Corms

Underplant with bulbs for spring and/or autumn colchicum and cyclamen.

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