Smart Ground Cover

Here at The Langton’s, we’ve been experimenting with Smart Ground Cover, a new mulching product aimed at keeping the weeds at bay and retaining soil moisture. So, we decided to put it to the test in the windy, high traffic, difficult to maintain area which is the front car park.

Here’s what we found:

Yes, fibres lock together sealing in moisture and preventing weed growth. Plus does not blow about, creating mess and diminishing impact and mulch level. Does exactly as stated and stays put.

Goes a lot further and less loss than ordinary bark mulch. Plus can tuck under the necks of plants and into difficult spots.

Plants require less watering. Those with the mulch required substantially less care as soil moisture levels were retained even on hot days.

No weeds at all in mulched pots.

The one minor criticism we had was aesthetic. Would be nice to have slightly richer, deeper, shade of brown to offset plants and add to sense of realism. However, marginal improvement on watering and you really do need a close look to check it’s a fibre mix.

Obviously, this product is not intended to improve soil condition. The idea is that organic matter is added at the preparation stage and mulch Smart Mulch applied as finishing product. We were interested to see Adam Frost using Smart Cover on his herbaceous beds in last week’s Gardener's World.

Overall 10/10


PRICE £9.99 0R 2 FOR £18.00

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