Potty about Pots

The beauty of pots, baskets and containers is that you are at liberty to mix whatever you like. The constraints of acidic soil or shady areas, damp ground and frost hollows just melt into insignificance. With a pot you can do what you like.

You’re the boss, particularly if you are planting single species. To this end a mass of purple primula look delightful at this time of year or a mix of lemon polyanthus beneath a white Dicentra. The choice is yours. Pots provide a smorgasbord of mix and match to tickle your creative gardening aspirations from now till next Christmas.

Don’t stop at spring bulbs and early flowers, spread your wings and look at instant impact displays to fill the border or transform the front door into a flower filled idyll or a topiary enhance porch. CHECK OUT OUR DOOR STOPPERS and INSTANT IMPACT RANGE.

Pots can literally be used to fill any space, sometimes to highlight and be seen, to lead the eye and create focal points and at others to disguise, fill border gaps or hide unsightly views (or neighbours).

BIG pots with trees, medium with Banana plants who return to shelter for winter, small for bedding or adding a lift to cooler corners and windowsills: the essence is to mix the right pot and plant with just the right place. All you have to do is have an eye for blending, select the right compost and off you go. Experiment to your hearts content and if it doesn’t fit there, move it.

Fabulously flexible and half the work. No digging in, digging out, moving and shaking all about. Nice little potting corner with the children on a Saturday morning or a leisurely space with a beer on Sunday afternoon. It’s the most delightful way to relax and play with plants.

Don’t forget you can make a gift as well as enhancing your own space. All plants and flowers say something from gentle lift to exuberant smile to just being a friend. A little something especially for you.

In the Garden Centre we have all you need to get started from potting tables to composts, April flowers and bedding to mini pots of summer perennials plus shrubs and roses galore. PLUS - ADVICE. There is usually some knowledgeable so and so about that can help you and don’t forget WE ARE HAPPY TO DO IT ALL FOR YOU. Up at the POTTING SHED we offer a BESPOKE PLANTING SERVICE. Just choose the type of plants you like and a pot or basket to match and we’ll do the rest. EARLY SEASON BASKETS AVAILABLE plus a non-stop ARRAY of COLOURFUL SUMMER HANGING BASKETS each individually planted or made up to your requirements on request. Taking orders now. Happy Gardening from LGC

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