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Dakar Indigo & Black Cushion

Dakar Indigo & Black Cushion


Drawing inspiration from Dakar, the capital city of Senegal, this lively and vibrant cushion showcases an enviably bold pattern of bold black and cream dotted cubes, streaking through a gorgeous, rich navy background; reminiscent of falling dice.
Wherever you choose to have this cushion in or around your home, it's certain to become a real showstopper!


Size (Height x Width): 45cm x 45cm
Made by Grand Illusions

E N Q U I R I E S @ L A N G T O N G R E E N H O U S E . C O . U K                          0 1 8 5 8 5 4 5 8 1 9                    M E L T O N   R D.   E A S T   L A N G T O N,   L E 1 6   7 T G