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Avocado & Sea Salt Reed Diffuser

Avocado & Sea Salt Reed Diffuser


This uplifting and rejuvenating scent is a delightfully summery blend of salty sea air, creamy avocado, soft white rose and refreshing guava fruit. Crafted from natural botanical and fragrance oil, this diffuser will beautifully infuse your living space for up to 4 months.

Includes: 8 fibre reeds and 100ml of liquid fragrance.


Size (Height x Width x Depth): 23cm x 7cm x 7cm

Made by Chickidee

E N Q U I R I E S @ L A N G T O N G R E E N H O U S E . C O . U K                          0 1 8 5 8 5 4 5 8 1 9                    M E L T O N   R D.   E A S T   L A N G T O N,   L E 1 6   7 T G