Our team represents a diverse mix of disciplines, outlooks and contributions that all combine to make the Langton Greenhouse & Garden Centre what it is. Here are our managers' stories, so you can get to know the faces behind the counter a little better. 



Since joining our team in February 2019, Cory has transformed our garden centre into what it is today. Having worked in the garden centre industry for twenty years, Cory has sought out the best suppliers and growers in the industry; those which supply the best quality plants and constantly push to provide new and exciting plants for our gardeners.


Through his experience, Cory prides himself on his expert knowledge and has rightly earned himself the title of 'plant nerd’ on site. Cory takes great pleasure in helping customers and passing on his knowledge to ensure that their gardens thrive.


Another personal passion for Cory is the environment, and the way our industry can help to protect it. Therefore, we are pushing hard towards stocking a wider range of 'eco-friendly' products, such as peat-free compost, organic feeds, and recycled pots and planters.


'Here at the Langton Greenhouse and Garden Centre, we are extremely passionate about plants, and will always strive to have top-quality plants at the heart and soul of our business, be that indoor or outdoor plants. We have strong relationships with our suppliers and growers, built up over many years, so we can always guarantee a great selection at amazing prices.'


'We also have a great range of products to help your garden grow, from multi-purpose and specialist composts to feeds and sprays to keep your plants growing strongly. My aim for the Langton Garden Centre is to be the best around, with top-quality plants at the heart of our offering here.'



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Katie joined our team in 2015 after being a stay-at-home mum for many years. Katie is Yorkshire born and bred, and a proud daughter of Huddersfield.


After leaving school, Katie studied Travel & Tourism, which lead on to her working as a travel agent for four years. Katie then went on to work for the Yorkshire Building Society, until leaving to take care of her young family full time. She moved to Kibworth, Leicestershire with her children in 2007.

After working in our Greenhouse Café for a year, Katie's eye for fashion and interest in our gifts selection as a whole made her the perfect choice for managing our budding gift centre. Katie embraced the new job role, and quickly set to work, honing our range and style into a unique shopping experience. Her buying is often complimented for its differentiation from both high street and country shops & garden centres alike.

'I am passionate about getting it right when it comes to buying for the shop, I like that we’re different and quirky. We are fortunate to be able to attend some of the continental trade fairs, enabling us to choose products that you won’t see elsewhere. I hear from our customers' comments things like “I love that they have unique things in here” and “you can always find a great gift”. Customers expect a high level of service and it’s our job to offer it to them and having the right products is key.’



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Dave has been a professional chef since 2005, having worked his way up to Head Chef of a gastropub kitchen within two years. With a trademark cool head and a high level of culinary skill, he is able to maintain excellent standards of production under high pressure.

Having started in early 2018, Dave moved straight into our Head Chef role, further strengthening our kitchen team and bringing a calm resolve which remains integral. His optimism always helps to diffuse stresses faced by other staff members when times are tough, being always accomodating to the needs of others. 

Quality food can often be hard to find, but with Dave you can be guaranteed a meal that'll leave you completely satisfied.

Having previously worked as a waiter and barman at another establishment for six years, where he eventually worked his way up to assistant food and beverage manager, Scott was eager to join a more intimate, family-oriented environment


Equipped with exceptional customer interaction skills, as well as excellent managerial authority, Scott is a highly regarded member of our team, who cares deeply for all those under his wing, offering support and guidance whenever needed.

Scott is also by nature a witty individual, and maintains a calm demeanour no matter the obstacles and demands thrown at him. He is no stranger to cracking a smile even in the most stressful of times!

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