Meet the Team

Our team work diligently to provide the best service possible...

Jacqui Bellamy | Café Manager

    Jacqui has worked in the hospitality industry for 30 years and, during her career, has worked in many varied and highly regarded establishments. Since joining the team here at the Langton Greenhouse Café, she has been a crucial to the day to day running of the Café as well as being solely responsible for the events management.

    The skills and experience which Jacqui has in abundance have proved invaluable in building on the reputation of the Café and have been a real asset to the company. Jacqui has always felt passionately that providing a high quality of service is where all her Front of House team focus their efforts. She has championed the approach that our members of staff should make it their personal goal to go above and beyond what is expected of them to ensure that our customers enjoy their visit.

    She takes a great deal of interest in the products which we sell too. She has made various changes to the selection of products on our menu, especially focusing on the drinks and cakes, to remain reasonably priced, whilst always working to maximise quality. This attention to detail has made such a difference to our customers and is so important to maintaining our professional standards.

Mags Harrison | Head Chef

    Mags has been with us since the very first day we opened the Café. In March 2013, we opened to the general public and Mags was in our kitchen making all of our freshly prepared hot dishes. These days, with our popularity having grown exponentially, she has taken some what of a back seat from her previous, more hands on role, to focus on her true passion and brilliant talent for dish creation.

    All of the dishes on the Specials Board, as well as the standard serve for every single one of our menu dishes, has been pain-stakingly composed by Mags, and she is brilliant at showing off the best of the season, with a keen focus on food trends throughout the culinary calendar.

    Mags has been working in professional kitchens her entire working life and the level of comprehension she has is invaluable. Her understanding of the subtleties and complexities of the various flavours she employs is sublime, and the dishes she produces are often the highlights of our customer's visits.

Marius Wolf | Sous Chef

    Marius has been with us for almost 3 years now, and he has always be an absolutely essential part of every busy kitchen service. Marius' ability to maintain such a high standard of food, whilst also being one of the fastest chef's we have ever had, has meant that he has been our Sous Chef for over 2 years.

    The level of hard work he puts in, day in and day out, are what make the café work, and without his level of commitment to each and every service, we wouldn't be able to do what we do. Many restaurants serve 100 or even 150 covers an evening, whereas we regularly do twice that over the course of a busy lunch period. It takes a very strong willed grafter like Marius to pick up the slack and he has never fallen short.

    As Sous Chef, a major part of his role is to run the service in Mags' absence, and he offers a seamless transition with very little fuss. Through this all, he maintains that level of professionalism and attention to detail, with particular attention to efficiency and speed.

Maria Bordieanu | Senior Team Leader

  Maria has worked in several restaurants both in Glasgow and Leicestershire. Her work ethic is second to none, and she truly does go the extra mile for our customers every single time. Her strong-willed nature, and her absolutely tireless push to see that every customer under her care receives the very best service, make her fantastic member of the Senior Leadership Team. 

     We have not known a more caring and attentive member of staff in the café and she is another member of staff who underpin the