A relatively new product to market, in recent years, Wood Effect Porcelain has become a hugely important product in a very short space of time. Our current range carries more than thirty different Wood Effect Porcelain tiles.

The brilliance of this style of product is that wood, like stone, is a relatively high maintenance floor product, which Porcelain can hugely improve upon. Porcelain, unlike wood, does not stain, dent, scratch (under normal circumstances) and, possibly most importantly, doesn't require treating.

Because this is a relatively new product line, it can take full advantage of the new techniques to add in complex textural features such as grains, weathering and, in some cases, even knots in the 'wood'.

All this adds to the effect and allows for it to be as close as physically possible to the real thing. The other advantage is that, as time goes on and these processes go on, the price has begun to become competitive with wooden flooring too.

Our showroom has our most popular Wood Effect tile, Highland Oak, as one of the twenty-one-floor panels, and it seems to be one of the panels which everyone gravitates too. With its beautiful, mellow tones, mirroring a stunning, aged oak floor, and its variance in format, it has convinced more than a few people that it is, in fact, wood.

Most comment that they expected it to feel differently. Colder, grainier, and far less like the real thing. In fact, Highland Oak is a relatively old product by the standards of a Wood Effect Porcelain tile.


Marshalls now produce a lot of different styles, from distressed and/or reclaimed woods, to tropical woods you may never have seen before (such as the enchanting blue coloured Tasman tile from the New Zealand range), to some of the more classic tiles which are now retailing at less than £40/m², there is truly something for everyone.

For a closer look, and advice and guidance, see us in our showroom!